From curly kale and red veined spinach, to wild foraged nettles and maitake mushrooms, a constantly changing list of ingredients reflects an embrace of both seasonality and variation. While the bounty of a few dozen or more local farms supply us with our menu staples in the colder months, we are not limited by what we can get our hands on.  Oh what we can turn a simple rutabaga into!  On any day you may find us working to dehydrate, ferment, cure, freeze, cold store, dark store, pickle, and marinate the flavors of one season so we may enjoy them in another- all to be topped with a perfect egg or complemented with a complex cheese. We certainly take pride in crafting the narrative of your dish and hope that our menus convey this in a fun and quirky way.

The design and execution of our weekly menus is shaped by the deeply personal relationships we share with the local food growers and producers who supply our diverse list of ingredients. The richest flavors, deepest colors, and freshness of what’s coming into our kitchen can only be explained as a result of the care and love of those who grow them.  Knowing where your food comes from takes on a whole new meaning at Murray’s.

At Murray’s we are committed to developing new relationships with local farms and food producers.  Certified organic or not, their passion for working the land with love and care comes through in the food they produce.  The following are few of those who currently fuel our creativity.  We hope our weekly menus allow you to discover even more of them!  Don't hesitate to provide us with feedback to support our region’s food security system.  Research these farms yourself or meet them at Murray's over lattes and scones.  Let us be the first to thank both the providers and the consumers, because without them...

Buckwheat Bridge Angoras

Sparrowbush Farm

Whistle Down

 Good Flavor Farm

Red Hook Farm 

Hearty Roots

Mead Orchards

Greig Farm



Amazing Real Live


Hudson Valley Fresh

Old Chatham

Berkshire Blue

Chaseholm Farm Creamery

Remedy Farm

 Nettle Meadows 

Hawthorne Valley

Mountain Products Smokehouse

 Feather Ridge

 Cayuga Organics

Ithaca Soy

Camphill Bakery

Common Hands

 Bonfiglio and Bread

 Lyonsville Maple

 Lively Run


Montgomery Place Orchards

Mr. Pott's

Anarchy Apiaries

and many more!